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permaVEIN980 Diode

£5325 (+VAT)

permaVEIN980nm Diode is the latest diode laser 980nm device from the Perma range of laser and aesthetic devices to treat spider veins and other conditions using diode laser technology. 

The Diode laser works by the laser energy piecing the skin and being absorbed by the blood vessel. The heat generated coagulates the blood inside the vessels causing it to collapse and seal. Over the next few weeks the bodies own metabolism will absorb the blood vessels so it is no longer visible. The treatment is precise and delivers correct laser energy energy so nearby structures are left un damaged. 

Rental agreement is based over 3 years 

Initial deposit is equal to 4 months rental £739.58+ VAT

32 months at £184.90+ VAT

72 hour call out guarantee

Full 3 year parts and Labour warranty. 

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permaVEIN980 Diode
diode vein laser
vein laser

Treatment Principle 

The 980nm wavelength emitted by the permaVEIN diode laser is the optimum wavelength for porphyrin absorption in vascular cells. The vascular cells absorb the laser energy which causes solidification and then dissipation of the blood vessel. Compared to other treatments the 980nm diode can reduce redness without burning of the skin. To reach the target tissue effectively the permaVEIN diode uses a specific handpiece assisted with an aiming beam of 635nm (infrared) 

The laser also works to stimulate the dermal collagen growth during vascular treatment as well as increasing epidermal thickness and density meaning small vessels are no longer exposed. A the same time the skin elasticity is improved.

Diode Treatment

Key Features

  • Removal of vascular, spider veins of face and body
  • Removal skin tags, moles etc
  • No scarring
  • Now downtime
  • 8 different spot sizes for multiple applications
    • 3mm, 2mm, 1.5mm, 1mm, 0.8mm, 0.7mm, 0.6mm and 0.5mm these all clip onto the main handpiece and comes with system.
  • No bleeding
Treatment scope 
Treatment scope
Handpiece is warrantied for 3 years (not misuse)
Replacement cost £600 + VAT
Replacement fibre £750 + VAT 

Before and afters

Before and afters

Product Name

Portable 8 different spot sizes 980 nm diode laser vascular spider vein removal machine




AC100-240V 50/60Hz



Output Laser power





ISO13485/ FDA/CE/RoHs

Work mode


Spot size

3mm /2mm/1.5mm /1mm /0.8mm/0.7mm/0.6mm/0.5mm

Energy destiny

20-70J / cm2


635nm infrared ray