Wonder EM Power Sculpt

WONDER EM Power Sculpt

WONDER EM Power Sculpt

The Wonder EM Power Sculpt addresses one of the aesthetic industries most vibrant and sought after market trends, body sculpting. The WONDER EM power Sculpt developed by engineers in Europe offers the first and only equipment that combines both high intensity electromagnetic emissions with focussed electro muscle stimulation.

HIEMS - High intensity electromagnetic muscle stimulation with the WONDER EM power sculpt has the ability to target four of the biggest skeletal muscles within the human body for an all over power sculpting procedure:

  • Abdominal
  • Gluteal
  • Quadriceps 
  • Femoral

The results are:

  • Greater muscle efficiency
    • Burns fat
    • Tones
    • Firms 
    • Contours
  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Quicker muscle growth 
  • Cellulite treatment 
  • Muscle recover 
  • World's most powerful Buttock lifting procedure 

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WONDER EM Power Sculpt machine

WONDER EM Power Sculpt


High intensity electromagnetic muscle stimulation (HIEMS) is a innovative technology for the fast and effective body sculpting within a short time period. With a weeks treatment of just 25 minutes the technology allows the intense muscle stimulation of four important muscles groups at the same time! This is the equivalent of hours of conventional muscle training. 

The HIEMS treatment combines both high intensity electromagnetic emissions with selective Myo electrostimulation. This leads to permanent and fast

  • Weight and inch loss.
  • muscle toning
  • muscle building
  • rehabilitation
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Buttock lifting 
  • Rejuvenation 

The WONDER EM treatment uses technology to imitate and amplify the signals the brain sends to muscle making them contract and relax thousand of times per second. 

WONDER EM Power Sculpt double action 


High Intensity Electromagnetic Emission

Wonder EM Power Sculpt electromagnetic impulse: Upto 2 Teslas induction resulting in an intense vibration of muscle fibers. It causes them to separate, decreasing the state of fibrosis and preparing them to be subsequently hyper-excited.

Focused and selective Myo Electrostimulation

Muscles are able to contract only under an electric shock. Wonder’s strong and localized electrostimulation contracts them up to 36.000 times during a 25-minute session.

Key features of Wonder EM Power Sculpt 

Fast resultsOne treatment takes 25 minutes of which there is no downtime. Recommended 2 treatments per week for perfect results for most people.

  • Girth loss,
  • power increase
  • improvement of skin’s appearance

Results dependent on the physical condition at the beginning of the training and nutritional behavior.

Greater efficiency - Muscles growth (hypertrophy) is quick. Wonder EM Power Sculpt makes muscles grow and develop quickly by essentially causing approximately 36,000 muscle contractions within the 25 minutes treatment session. This causes muscle constricting  beyond any sort of physiological norm, and targeting fat loss to the area of the muscle.

For Everyone - Body-Contouring treatment with Wonder EM Power Sculpt is suitable for all body types.

Great success with helping individuals lose weight, gain lean muscle, improve movement and eradicate pain. WONDER EM Power Sculpt users will experience inch loss and then the fat deposits are attacked, more calories and burned daily due to increase muscle activity resulting in energy consumption increase. 

Health Benefits - HIEMS Technology is proven to reduce back pain, promote rapid fat and weight loss, reduce cellulite and even boost our immune system..

WONDER EM Power Sculpt

Wonder Intelligent Software

The intuitively designed software allows for quick and safe operation. Pre-installed training programs let you easily choose the right one for your patients.

  • Hypertrophy - Specific program for muscle building.
  • Definition - Muscle development and generalized toning.
  • Cellulite - Wonder exclusive vascular treatment.
  • Recovery - Gentle muscle twitches to facilitate recovery

WONDER EM Power Sculpt 


As a professional clinic or beauty salon the WONDER EM Power Sculpt  allows you to offer your clients maximum results in a short space of time.The most effective way to lose fat is by muscle development and metabolic acceleration. Wonder uses combined High-Intensity Electromagnetic energy with Focused and Selective Myo Electrostimulation to trigger what’s called supramaximal contractions (the kind that cannot be achieved by voluntary muscle action). It is used for simultaneously strengthening, toning, firming of the abdomen, legs and buttocks.

  • Patients undergoing treatment with Wonder do not need any special requirements.
  • Each client wears a 100% cotton shots and t shirt set which is sprayed with water before treatment to ensure excellent conduction.
  • Every healthy person can make effective use of Wonder.
    • Contraindications online acute sickness, febrile disease, cardiac issues, pacemakers, metal work or indeed all possible contrary indicators will be excluded in a personal conversation prior to the training.
  • Fast results in just 25 minutes 
  • Efficient, burns fat, tones, firms and contours
  • Suitable for all body types
  • No consumables
  • No lotions or creams
  • No exposure of patients
  • Easy to prepare
  • Minimal staff involvement
  • Investment of just £14,950 + VAT
    • Treatments charged at £75 per treatment
    • 8 treatments per person 
    • £600 per patient
    • 25 patients only to pay for the machine
  • Minimum space required due to cutting edge minimalist design 
  • Worlds best buttock lift  
  • Marketing pack included
  • training included
  • Wonder suits included


Tablet controlled

No heavy equipment, complicated software and outdated techniques. Wonder is easily controlled from a tablet in your hand.

Tablet controlled

Wide range of parameters

Wonder´s cutting-edge technology allows professionals to adjust with precision the pulse width through very wide range, being a unique device that reaches the 600ms

Wide range of parameters

Contactless treatment

The electrowear™ suit is the outfit to be worn during a session. Strictly used for personal use, it guarantees perfect hygiene and its opaque areas respect user’s privacy during the treatment.

Contactless treatment - wondersuit


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WONDER EM Power Sculpt technologyWONDER EM Power Sculpt technology