Have you considered part-exchange?

Purchasing equipment regardless of if the equipment is new or secondhand is usually an expensive commitment. There are many reasons why this does not allows turn out to be the best decision, nonetheless we can help with a potential part exchange.

Sell Equipment Have you considered part-exchange?
Buying and selling through our directory

So you may have equipment that you are wanting to sell but maybe you want something new? contact us to discuss part exchange! there are many reasons why your equipment maybe ready for a change such as;

  • Maybe you received incorrect advice when you bought it and it is not right for you
  • Maybe the market has changed
  • Maybe the systems was not what you was expecting
  • Maybe your budget has now change
  • Maybe you want different applications 

We can help....

As discussed in this section for the website you can advertise directly through our used equipment sales or we can offer a commissioned sale on many pieces of equipment or we can offer potentially a part exchange.

Part-exchange means that we can take away your used equipment with a trade-in value against one of our New or Used systems.

We will consider any device at any age just like trading in your old car for a new one.  The value of the trade-in will depend upon a number of factors including:

  • Make and model 
  • Its age and general condition
  • Usage & Service history
  • The value of the replacement system being purchased

A few important factors to consider when looking at part-exchange:

Your system is not worth what you paid for it, it will have depreciated. If you have looked after your system with a regular service then it is going to be worth more than if you have not had regular maintenance;

Remember as well just because your bought your system it does not mean you paid the right amount otr it is what they said it is!  try to buy from a reputable source and manufacturer.

Part exchanged systems will either be re sold in our Used equipment  Directory, utilised as a rental system, or used for parts and research.

Remember: You are likely to get more for your system if you sell it privately than if you part-exchange as we will need to provide warranty and training to prospective buyers. 

Also bear in mind that you are likely to see a better part-exchange value if upgrading to a new laser system rather than buying an alternative used system.

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