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We have a used Biotec xlase plus for sale in excellent condition only 6 years old and hardly used

For further details and a demo please contact 

Name: Craig Smith
Company: Laser and aesthetics
Email: one: 07484245721


One Advanced and Versatile Laser and light platform that does it all…

Its modular design provides multiple distinct medical and cosmetic solutions all built into one compact unit. 


biotec laser

Diode Laser 810nm

High efficient diode application for the treatment of hair removal on all skin types.
It features spot size of 1cm² and uses a cooled sapphire tip for patient comfort.

Nd:YAG 1064/532nm

This applicator delivers both 1064nm and 532nm in both long and short pulse for the treatment of hair removal, vascular lesions and onychomycosis to name but a few. 

Q-Switched Nd:YAG 1064/532nm

The Q-switched Nd:YAG applicator is the ideal choice for the treatment of pigmented lesions, such as sun-damaged skin and age spots, and for the removal of unwanted tattoos.

Erbium YAG 2940nm ( Not with system)

The Erbium YAG applicator works by removing microscopic layers of skin, producing outstanding results with minimal risk and adverse reactions. It treats both superficial and medium depth lines, including some scars, depending on the depth of the ablation and the amount of treatments performed. (Not included with sale)

CPL (Calibrated Pulsed Light)

The Xlase Plus Calibrated Pulsed Light (CPL) applicator offers several innovative and advanced technology enhancements. Compared to the other IPL systems available on the market, the CPL system has proven to be among the most powerful and effective. It is simple and efficient to operate.


For the treatment of: –

  • Benign Pigmented Lesions –
  • Benign Vascular Lesions –
  • Microvascular Lesions –
  • Acne –
  • Hair Removal –
  • Acne Scarring –
  • Tattoo Removal –
  • Skin Peeling –
  • Hyperhidrosis –
  • Onychomycosis –
  • Acne –
  • Non Ablative Skin Rejuvenation 


• Numerous aesthetic/medical applications;
• High output energy for greater efficacy;
• Expandable and upgradable;
• High patient and clinical staff satisfaction;
• Easily transportable from room to room


Diode 832nm Handpiece

Nd:YAG 1064/532nm Handpiece

Q-Switched Nd:YAG 1064/532nm Handpiece

CPL handpiece

General specifications System cooling Water and Air  
Skin Cooling Ice Type integrated
Interface Touchscreen Color LCD display 7''
Dimensions 530 x 650 x 350 mm
Weight 35 Kg
Laser Type Nd:YAG - Vascular lesions
  Wavelenght 1064 (532 nm with KTP lens) - Skin rejuvenation
  Energy Density 500 J cm2 (max) - Hair removal
  Pulse Duration (Long Pulse) from 5 µs to 40ms - Onychomycosis
Nd:YAG Pulse Duration (Short Pulse) from 250μs to 5000μs - Non Ablative
  Repetition Rate Single pulse - 3Hz (max)  
  Spot Size 2.5 - 4 - 5 - 7 - 10  
  Laser Emission Control footswitch  
  Aiming Beam diode laser, 4mW @ 635nm  
Source Xenon Lamp - Hair Removal
  Spectrum of Emission 550 - 1200 nm; 550 - 950n m - Acne
  Energy per pulse 650 - 950 nm; 420 - 1200 nm; - Skin Rejuvenation
  Pulse Duration 695 - 1200 nm; 755 - 1200 nm - Vascular Lesions
CPL Delay Between Pulses 25 J/cm2 (max)  
  Number of pulses from 1 to 60 ms  
  Repetition Rate from 5 to 60 ms  
  Treatment Area from 1 to 5  
  Emission Control Single pulse - 3Hz (max)  
    50mm X 10mm (5cm2)  
    footswitch and handpiece switch  
Laser Type High-power diode - Hair Removal
  Wavelength 810 nm - Skin Rejuvenation
Diode Pulse width < 500ms - Microvascular Lesions
    < 60ms using continous pulses  
    60-500ms using burst of pulses  
  Repetition rate Variable up to 10 Hz  
  Fluence to tissue Variable up to 60 J/cm2  
  Spot size 9x9 mm standard  
  Skin cooling Water cold sapphire  
  Expected lifetime 15.000.000 pulses  
  Power output 2.000 W  
Laser type CR:YAG - Tattoos removal
  Wavelenght 1064 (532 nm with KTP lens) - Skin peeling
Q-switched Pulse Duration 9-10 nsec - Pigmented Lesions
Tattoos removal and Spot Size 2,5 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 mm - Vascular Lesions
pigmented lesions Pulse Repetition Rate from 1 to 6Hz  
  Energy Density passive Q-switched 7 mm spot size 2,5 J/cm2  
Pulse Duration Short, Medium, Long - Skin rejuvenation
  Spot Size Pixel 7x7 or 10x10 or 20x20 - Skin peeling
Er:YAG Pulse Repetition Rate 2Hz (Non-Stacking) - Pigmented lesions
Fractional skin resurfacing   5Hz (Stacking) - Acne scarring
  Energy Density Short 200 - 1200 mJ/P - Stretch marks
    Medium: 600 - 1800 mJ/P  
    Long: 800 - 2500 mJ/P  
Er:YAG Pulse Duration Short, Medium, Long  
Ablative akin resurfacing Spot Size Erbium 4 m
  Pulse Repetition Rate Up to 4 Hz
  Energy Density Short 200 - 1200 mJ/P
    Medium: 600 - 1800 mJ/P
    Long: 800 - 2500 mJ/P


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