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Candela elase Motif LHR - FROM 5000


Laser & Aesthetic Sales Directory Candela elase Motif LHR - FROM 5000

We have for sale through laser and aesthetics a used Candela Elase Motif laser hair removal diode. 

The system is used and was manufactured in 2015.

The system will come with a brand new diode handpiece for £12000 or sold as is without the handpiece for £5000.

All service reports available.

Been sold due to upgrade to a new laser.

Contact us here at laser and aesthetics so we can put you in touch with the clinic selling the device

Candela elase
Used Candela elase
Candela elase Used Candela elase

810-nm diode laser technology

The eLase features proprietary elōs combined-energy technology of bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and diode laser energies

Motif LHR Applicator

The Motif LHR Applicator's "Motif Mode" offers treatment options for high frequency multiple pass "virtually painless" hair removal on all skin types. in the treatment - contact is made with the skin and cooling begins, laser pre-heats the target, RF is drown towards heated target deep inside the dermis and both energies work to attack both the inside and outside of the target.

Cooling Protection

Choose from two cooling systems - Air Cooling Compatible (ACC), which offers high air flow at a specified temperature, or Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD). 


Goggles and manual 

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