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Deka Synchro QS4


For sale by current user.

Serviced October 2018 and not used since Lamp shot count 505621 shots

4 Years old

Excellent condition 

Contact details 

Name:           Sian Mansell 

Company:      Green Skies Limited 


Telephone:   01656774358 

Location:      Porthcawl  CF36 3

Deka QS 4
Deka QS 4
Deka QS4 handpieces
Deka QS 4 Deka QS 4 Deka QS4 handpieces

Effective on all tattoos colors! Synchro QS4 offers 4 complementary wavelengths: 1064nm - 532nm - 585nm - 650 nm

Great flexibility according to skin type and tattoo depth thanks to 5 different spot sizes

Maximum beam homogeneity: no overlapping and controlled energy pulse

No Colour Can stop you!

There are various types of tattoos and pigmented lesions depending on the color, depth and area, the effectiveness of a tattoo removal treatment depend mainly on the wavelengths used. Synchro QS 4 offers 4 different wavelengths: the pigment/color of tattoo will determine which wavelength is more effective:

1064 nm Nd:YAG: black and dark colors (dark gray, green and blue)
532 nm Nd:YAG: red and similar (purple, orange, light brown)
650 nm Nd:YAG: green
585 nm Nd:YAG: sky blue

3 hand-pieces


585m, 650nm,

then another one with 6.0mm, 5.5mm,4,0mm 2.5mm and 2.0mm spotsizes


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