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Nearly new Picoiris laser


Laser & Aesthetic Sales Directory Nearly new Picoiris laser

Laser and aesthetics are selling on behalf of a client a nearly new picoIris laser.

The laser was bought in 2020 but hardly never used.

The system is normally £26,400 + VAT if bought through Apollo lasers

The laser would come installed at your premises by a laser engineer. 

PicoIris is part of a new generation of aesthetic lasers that uses Pico pulse energy to destroy  pigments including tattoos and other types of pigments by vibrating and shattering the pigment into tiny particles without heating up the surrounding tissue, less heat, less discomfort and faster treatments. Using proprietary focus lens technology, PicoIris effectively converts the laser energy into gentle pressure waves that activate cell signalling, the body’s natural communication processes and one of the most exciting medical discoveries in recent history.

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PicoIris Q-switch Nd-yag

A picosecond aesthetic laser: Pico technology is a breakthrough method to remove tattoos and benign pigment lesions.

This new technology is a laser innovation in the last few years where ultra short pico pulses of energy in a trillionth of a second is delivered to the target tissues. This photomechanical impact shatters the pigment without damaging the surrounding tissue.

The multiple wavelengths

  • 1064nm for dark tattoos
  • 532nm for rend tattoos 
  • 755nm for green tattoos

enables the treatment for all colours of tattoo. 

Better and faster treatments!

The PicoIris can also bee used for skin rejuvenation treatments such as 

  • skin rejuvenation
  • wrinkles
  • skin whitening
  • carbon facial

as well as acne scars and a range of pigment treatments such as

  • Freckles
  • Sunspots


PicoIris lens array 

The focus lens array harness the full power photomechanical effect of the pico second laser and delivers it to specific depths in the skin.

Beam profile - Each beam of energy treats a small area with highly focused energy up to 20 times more than a standard pulse.

The surrounding tissue is subjected to lower fluence for a gentle background effect.

The focus array delivers safer and more effective treatments 




  • All colour tattoo, eyeline and lip line removal
  • Epidermis and dermis pigment
  • Evus of Ota, blue naevus, black nevus, coffee spot, senile plaques, freckle, sunburn spot and chloasma, skin whitening and wrinkle removal etc
  • Skin Rejuvenation 



Nominal Wavelength 1064nm, 532nm ,755nm
Pulse Duration 500ps
Pulse Energy 750mJ
Zoom Handpiece Spot Size 2.0–10.0mm
Fractional Handlepiece HoneyComb Beam
Electrical Power 200-240 V~,4.5 kVA, 50/60Hz, single phase

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