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Used British Institute of Lasers NU Tatouage

The laser is a Q-switched Nd: YAG laser Class: 4

Wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm and 1320nm

The laser is 21 months old from new and in excellent condition (as new) 

Was used in a start up business for a small amount of time but due to lockdowns and a change of career path it is no longer needed. The low shock count will reflect this approx 58k, this may vary due to viewings and testing etc

To discuss this laser and arrange a viewing please contact

Phil Cassidy


87 Southbank Road, Southport, PR86QW

used tattoo laser
laser tattoo handpiece
Nu Tatouage
used tattoo laser laser tattoo handpiece Nu Tatouage

Technology in the beauty sector is constantly evolving, and the highly advanced Nu Tatouage Plus is rapidly making its mark in the laser tattoo removal field. Improving on the original Nu Tatouage’s one laser rod, the Plus breaks new ground by utilising two rods. This produces a stronger, more powerful energy pulse, resulting in greater hair removal and fewer treatments required for your client.

Tattoos are designs created by injecting coloured pigments into the dermis layer of the skin and can be produced by amateur artists, professional tattooists, and highly trained medical practitioners in the case of medical tattoos.

Delivered via a tattoo gun, the professional's designs are permanent, and removing the ink can be a difficult process. Often requiring several treatment sessions, the ink is broken down by the laser machine with the image fading away to almost invisible. Amateur tattoos are often created manually using either portable machines or even sewing needles. This makes them much more indistinct and often easier to remove. Medical, or cosmetic, tattoos include the tattooing of eyebrows after chemotherapy and are often easy to remove, with the exception of titanium oxide or iron oxide based tattoos.

Removing the tattoos used to be incredibly painful and left the skin damaged and often scarred. Dermabrasion, salabrasion, cryosurgery, chemicals, surgical excision, and electrosurgery were all common practice and invariably failed to remove the ink.

Transforming tattoo removal, laser technology can now permanently erase inked designs, allowing the tattooed to change their minds. Far less painful, with dramatically improved results, tattoo removal is available to your clients via the Nu Tatouage Plus.

By directing the laser at the tattoo, using selective photo thermolysis, the pigment within the skin rapidly decomposes, without affecting the surrounding tissue, and is harmlessly flushed away to be eliminated from the body.

 State of Art technology Q-switched Nd:YAG for efficient tattoo removal

 Short pulse; Outstanding results

 Three fixed tips plus unique two adjustable tips offering large spot size

 Operated by foot switch or handpiece

 Two shot counters: One on the machine and one on the handpiece

 Treatment of pigmentation: Old age spots, freckles, Café au lait, Nevus Spilus, Melasma

 Carbon Peel treatment

Foot Pedal,


Instruction Manual,

Lifetime manufacturers support (Excellent service!)


Laser Type

Q-Switched Nd-YAG laser


1064nm, 532nm & 1320nm

Spot Size Diameter

1-8mm (adjustable)

Pulse Energy

up to 90J/cm2 (adjustable)


1-10Hz (adjustable)

Pulse Width




System Update

Micro SD


Floor standing (desktop with lower power optional)


8.4” LCD colour touch screen


air (optional skin cooling device)

Power Supply

110V/220V±20V, 50/60Hz

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