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USED Cynosure ICON laser

£22000 (+VAT)

Laser & Aesthetic Sales Directory USED Cynosure ICON laser


USED Cynosure ICON laser

The laser is as new and only 12 months old from new. The system is being sold as the clinic is closing.

The cynosure ICON laser has the following configuration though further handpieces can be added.

1540  Non Ablative Laser

Fractional Non-Ablative Skin Revitalization

  • Acne & Surgical Scars
  • Pigmentation
  • Stretch Marks
  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Wrinkles & Textural Irregularities

Max G

  • Facial vascular Lesions (including Rosacea, thread veins, CDM, & port wine stains)
  • Benign pigmented Lesions (epidermal only)
  • Skin rejuvenation (superficial)
Approximately 50 flashes used. 

To discuss this system please contact 

Name: Craig Smith 


Telephone: 07484245721

used cynosure laser
cynosure icon
cynosure-icon used cynosure laser cynosure icon

The Cynosure Icon is an advanced aesthetic platform laser machine offering multiple wavelengths and treatment options in one system. This enables the user, whether a doctor or practitioner, to maximise return on investment by being able to offer the most popular treatment from hair removal to wrinkle reduction and scarring.

The cynosure Icon Aesthetic laser System, which was once known as the Paloma Icon, offers:

  • high peak powers
  • state-of-the-art cooling system
  • built in calibration             as well as 
  • Skintel® Reader melanin reader.

This combination of attributes results in fast efficient treatments with excellent clinical outcomes

The Cynosure Icon aesthetic platform device has patented innovations in technology such as:

  • Skintel Melanin Reader -  which determines the average melanin density of the skin prior to treatment
  • Power - Delivering a maximum energy of 350 joules
  • Contact Cooling - Maintains temperature of 5 degrees during treatment for skin protection and for patient comfort 
  • Hexagonal XF microlens - A high speed, no-ablative fractional resurfacing. This allows for increased speed and coverage
  • User interface - enhanced to allow treatment tracking and to streamline procedures
  • Calibration - external calibration for optimal pulse forming
  • Accuspectrum - Enhancing client comfort and procedures by dual filters
  • Photon recycling - Maximises treatments by reducing the amount of energy lost
  • Smooth Pulse - A method of delivery greater amounts of energy safely and effectively.
Comes with The Skintel® Melanin Reader™ is an innovative way to diagnose skin issues. Skintel®determines the average melanin density of the skin quantitatively before energy-based aesthetic treatments, such as hair removal or skin revitalization.
6 laser specs, patient specs, eye protection stickers, laser warning signs, clinical manual, user manual, lux solution for IPL use, coolant 

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