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are advertising for a client a used Elysion pro diode laser from Cocoon medical

The laser is 2 years old and in excellent nearly new condition. We are selling this machine in absolute fantastic condition, purchased in June 2019 and only used for 8 months with very little usage due to lockdowns. This device works perfectly and has never skipped a beat with us here. This machine has very little maintenance and is designed for a 10 year plus work expectancy. This device is extremely comfortable on patient and can turn a huge revenue very quickly.. The most important thing to know about the Elysion pro is that it has certified ce and most importantly FDA approval so this is a very professional medical grade laser that won’t let you or your company down

To discuss the laser in greater detail please contact

Name: Christina hicks/Patrick Marron

Company: Rejuvaderm clinic ltd


Telephone: 07714898187

Address: 151 Andersonstown road Belfast Bt119bh

Elysion pro
Used diode laser
Pro diode laser
Elysion pro Used diode laser Pro diode laser

The Elysion pro diode laser offers advanced, high quality diode laser hair removal with maximum patient comfort, integrated ‘Crystal Freeze’ cooling technology and dual wavelength / operating modes.

The Elysion platform is designed to work for all skin and hair types,


offering two work modes, high fluences of energy & square pulse technology.

Static mode

  • 1, 2, 3Hz with high fluence
  • 1Hz - For difficult areas and maximum precision
  • 3Hz - Maximum speed = maximum profitability
  • Most effective for fine residual hair
  • Best for subsequent sessions
  • Good for smaller areas

Dynamic mode

  • 5, 10 and 15Hz with short pulses 
  • Maximum effectiveness even on fine hair
  • Most effective for large areas of hair
  • Most effective for first sessions
  • Male clients and high density hair

Elysion provides comfortable treatments in ultra fast treatment times, so you can treat more patients in less time. 


Fast and effective

Higher power and 4x faster than competitor devices. Full legs treatment is just 15 minutes, which increases your profitability.

All skin types (I-VI)

Suitable for all skin types. Its advanced technology allows treatment of all types of skin, from lightest thru darkest, of all ages.


The crystal freeze technology guarantees comfortable treatments while your client's skin remains protected.

No recovery time

Your clients can return to their routine immediately after the treatment.


$0 running costs. There are no consumables or costly accessories required. Treatments are 4x faster than competitors.


Elysion-Pro is a European designed and manufactured product, utilizing the latest laser technology.

All year round

Treatments can be carried out throughout the whole year, maximising your profitability.

Marketing Support

Wide range of plug & play marketing materials are available for you to use from world-class specialists.

Includes Original hand piece Servicing kit and coolant 

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