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Laser and Aesthetics are selling on behalf of a client a used MedAesthetics CRYOMED system 

The system is just 1 years old and is in perfect working condition with no damage.

The machine is unique in being able to provide -14 celsius targeted treatment to stubborn fat deposits. Cryolipolysis cools the fat cells until they die and break down being naturally removed by the body. Surgery and infection are avoided. 20/25% of treated fat cells will be removed over the 6-8 week recovery time. Visible results in 3 weeks. Best results via a 3 treatment course.

The system will come with

  • 4 applicator heads and
  • anti freeze membrane.

To discuss this system in further detail and arrange a viewing please contact 

Alice Henshaw

Harley Street Injectables


25 Upper Wimpole Street London W1G6NF

used medaesthetics cryomed
used cryomed
used medaesthetics cryomed used cryomed

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