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used Physioskin - Vein Away

Natura studios has partnered with leading thread and spider vein specialist Dr Brian Newman to launch Vein Away by Physioskin in the UK.
The innovative treatment uses the principle of Thermosclerosis, an ultra-fast radiofrequency of 27.12 MHz, which sends a pulse from the tip of a filament for precision and accuracy.
This precision technology targets superficial skin imperfections, such as thread veins, spider veins, cherry Angiomas and skin tags to remove them completely in as little as one treatment.
The PhysioSKIN uses takes full advantage of this precision to coagulate spider veins in a very precise and concentrated way. With its patented precise technology and its fully adjustable parameters, Vein Away provides a safe and effective treatment with immediate, visible results, giving greater comfort to the patients.
Age : 3 Years
Condition : Like New
To discuss this device or arrange a visit to see it in action please contact
Jody Taylor 
Skin Deep 
10 Fountain Court 
used physioskin veinaway
used physioskin
used physioskin veinaway used physioskin veinaway

The Vein Away by Physioskin can treat:

 Thread veins
 Spider veins
 Skin tags
 Cherry angiomas

PhysioSkin Vein Away thermosclerosis was developed to eradicate red veins, thread veins, red blood spots, spider naevi and vascular blemishes. The principle is based on the action Radio Frequency producing a thermal (heat) lesion.

The wave penetrates the sub-epidermal layer of skin and is very superficial, it will pass into the vessel causing the vein to collapse and the walls of the vessel to stick together, the body will remove this debris as part of the healing process, results are permanent. Skin tags, milia, warts and some skin lesions can also be treated with PhysioSkin Vein Away.

For facial treatment down time is minimal, some redness and dryness may occur for a few days, allow 4-6 weeks between appointments for full healing and removal of areas worked on. In most cases one treatment is necessary, however if a large number of vessels, blood spots etc. are present more than one treatment could be required for optimum results. For legs allow more time for eradication to occur treat only the micro circulation, combine with sclerotherapy for an excellent all round result.

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