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used Sculpt pro Ultra Tesla


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Used Sculpt pro  Ultra Tesla 

The system is 2 years and 10 months old (purchased july 2021 and in excellent condition.

The system has been service every year. Last service was done in January 2024

The Ultra Tesla utilises revolutionary new High -Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology that cause extreme muscle contraction to significantly build and sculpt the underlying muscles resulting in a trimmer and more toned body.

The Ultra Tesla treatment is FDA approved and clinically proven to increase muscle mass and definition while eliminating the stubborn fat.

To discuss this system please contact 

Name: Ioana Pop

Company: Beaumont Aesthetic Clinic Ltd

Address: 1 Mill Road Great Wilbraham





used Sculpt pro  Ultra Tesla
Sculpt pro ultra tesla
used Sculpt pro  Ultra Tesla Sculpt pro ultra tesla

The Ultra -Tesla electromagnetic technology engages all of  the targeted muscle resulting in muscle growth and fat loss .

High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology has a great depth of penetration ( 7 cm ) allowing it to target groups of muscles at a time.

One-third of the body is made up of muscles, yet regular exercises only engage between 40-60% of the muscle’s full capacity, no matter how vigorous the exercise.





The sleek design making it aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to use due to its 15” high-resolution adjustable touch screen

Modes of operation

The system has 4 modes. 2 preset and 2 advanced. 

Paddles sizes

Four paddles and two sizes.  Using the most appropriate paddle for the area’s shape and size, you can easily target a wide range of muscle groups, from abs to calves.

Innovative paddles

The Ultra Tesla paddles contain a circular magnetic coil that emits magnetic pulses into the tissue, creating a magnetic field deep in the muscle

Large paddles

The large paddle produces a wide electromagnetic field which covers entire muscle groups

Curved paddles

The curved paddle provides a more focused electromagnetic field concentrating on smaller muscle groups

The system Ultra Tesla Machine comes with 

  • 2 x large paddles ,
  • 2 x curve paddles ,
  • 1x Small UT strap ;
  • 1x Medium UT strap ;
  • 1x Large UT strap ;
  • 1 x power cable ,
  • 2 x transport cases ,
  • 1 x operator manual ,
  • 1 x Clinical manual

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