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Used Sculpt Pro Aesthetics ultra Tesla Seat

The system is just 8 months old and Very lightly used and it is in excellent condition

The system is purchased direct from Sculpt pro from new in July 2023 .

Ultra Tesla Seat medical grade and FDA cleared machine uses the most innovative technology High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy .

The Ultra Tesla Seat induces supramaximal muscle contractions to effortlessly strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.



To discuss this system please contact 

Name: Ioana Pop

Company: Beaumont Aesthetic Clinic Ltd

Address: 1 Mill Road Great Wilbraham



ultra tesla seat
Sculpt pro tesla seat
ultra tesla seat Sculpt pro tesla seat

Supramaximal is a term which refers to high tension muscle contractions that surpass the highest amount of tension your muscles can exert and hold under regular maximal voluntary contractions.

 Supramaximal contractions are not achieved by voluntary actions alone , such as kegeles . The motor neurons are stimulated throughout the 28 minutes causing the pelvic floor muscles to do over 19,000 muscle contractions activating the entire pelvic floor muscle and comprehensively improving muscle control ability.

 After 6 therapeutic sessions with the Ultra Tesla Seat , patients develop the new motor neuron pattern needed to better control pelvic floor muscles and regain muscle strength and continence control.

Ultra Tesla Seat Machine body , remote control, power cable, user’s manual, clinical guide and adjustable step stool

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