Grade 4 Non-invasive Laser lipolysis (class 3b diode)

Fat reduction or "inch loss" is a massive market with one of the first methods used in the industry for this treatment was laser lipolysis using a class 3b diode. A painless non-invasive procured to achieve inch loss with no downtime and measurable results.

Laser & Aesthetic Training Laser Training Grade 4 Non-invasive Laser lipolysis (class 3b diode)

This Grade 4 endorsed course covers the treatment theory including information on medical contra-indications and precautions that should be taken during the procedure.

Method of working:

The laser emits low level energy cerating a chemical signal in the dat cells. This breakdowns the fats and releases them through the cell membranes into the body. These are then either used to create energy (exercise) or restored. 

Clinically proven:

Independent clinical studies have shown a reduction in the fast layer post treatment.

Safe and Painless:

Low level energy is used in the form of visible red laser light. This does not produce any abnormal effects in the body. The treatment can be performed on all skin types and body areas where unwanted fat is stored, you can return to normal activity immediately after treatment.

Targeted fat reduction:

LAser energy can be directed to a specific problem area.

The Treatment Process: 

You have pads containing laser diodes placed on the target area.

Post Treatment:

In order to increase the body’s ability to remove fat, it is recommended to increase metabolic rate (exercise)/

Immediate results: 

Are visible after each treatments but normally a course is recommended. 

Course Entry Requirements
("Core of Knowledge" course plus Manufacturer/Supplier training strongly advised if you will be performing this treatment). 

This course costs £145 per user.


Payment can be made using most major credit/debit cards or by using a PayPal balance
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This Grade 4 endorsed course costs £145.  Course links are delivered electronically to you in digital format, and permit access for up to 2 months or until you pass the course assessments – whichever comes soonest.  Course users are able to download resource materials for future reference as they progress through the course.  If you do not access within 2 months, the course links will expire.


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