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Alma Soprano lasers:

Alma lasers have continued to evolve over the years. At Laser and Aesthetics, we deal with both new and used Alma lasers including

All work on the same principle of diode in motion technology but each one is an advancement of the other. 

The technology changes as follows from each machine.

  • Alma Soprano original has a small 1.2cm x 1.0cm head and only 810nm wavelength
  • Alma Soprano Xli has a slightly better cooling and looks aesthetically more pleasing but with the same treatment wavelength
  • Alma Soprano Ice has much better cooling with ICE technology and has the choice of wavelengths from 
    • 810nm compact
    • 810nm speed
    • 755nm Alexandrite
    • 1064 Nd:YAG
  • Alma Soprano Platinum Ice utilises all 3 wavelengths above in one handpiece and is called a triband. 

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platinum ice
Soprano Ice
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How it works:

Multiple treatment methods within the handpiece

  • InMotion 
  • SHR stack
  • Single shot

Multiple wavelengths in one handpiece or in separate handpieces

  • 810nm
  • 755nm
  • 1064nm
  • 755nm + 810nm + 1064nm

SHR technology:

This technology works by uses low energy laser pulses to gradually heat up the dermis to a temperature that kills the hair follicle whilst avoiding damage to the surrounding tissues. The low energy laser pulses are delivered in high repetition to build up the core temperature with very little pain or discomfort. SHR technology is used with an IN-Motion technique of moving the laser handpiece over the treatment area for full coverage whilst the ICE technology cools the skin.






Alma Soprano Ice and platinum ice are the latest laser from Alma to offer virtually pain free laser treatments for the removal of unwanted hair. Both systems utilise multiple wavelengths in a single or multiple handpieces to remove unwanted hair on all skin types and most hair types.

ICE Technology 

Instant and simultaneous contact cooling

ICE technology xcools the skin during the treatment by using a sapphire tip which minimises the risk of burns on the skins surface whilst heating up the hair follicle in order to kill it. 

Diode laser: 810nm 

  • Reaches the dermal papilla which is deep penetration of the hair follicle.
  • Moderate melanin absorption
  • Safer for darker skins not skin type 6
  • targets bulb

Alex Diode laser: 755nm 

  • Strong melanin absorption
  • Ideal for light skins and hair colours
  • Targets bulge of hair follicle

Nd:Yag Diode laser: 1064nm

  • Low melanin absorption
  • best for dark skins
  • Deep penetration targeting bulb and papilla
  • High water absorption increases thermal profile of laser treatment 

Soprano Platinum Ice: 755nm +810nm + 1064nm

By uses all 3 wavelengths with the correct pulse duration ensures maximum thermal damage to the hair follicle whilst protecting the surrounding tissues. 






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Download the brochure to view the systems specification of the soprano Ice

Download the brochure to view the systems specification of the soprano Ice Platinum

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